Antara Nritya Niketan is a Learning & Performing Center, born out of Guru Anuradha Jog's passion for Bharatanatyam Dance. She has brought Antara to that plane where Creativity & Passion for dance translate Into Live Art and where the pursuit of preservation & propagation of the Indian Culture is a mission!

Guru Anuradha Jog, from a very early age, has shown a serious and focused inclination towards all forms of art. Dance and drama have been the two areas which she has paid special attention to. Naturally, therefore, all her endeavors till date have been in these fields. A keen student, she started early in the pursuit of dance as a life long field of creative learning and activity.

Graduating in Arts from Sir Parshurambhau College, Pune, where her ‘performing arts’ skills took root and started growing, Guru Anuradha has come a long way to be recognized as the dynamic head of a premiere dance institute in Pune. A Master’s degree from Pune University with specializations in Natyashastra and Hindi Language, gave her knowledge and efforts an academic edge. Therewith and thereafter, it has been a relentless pursuit for her in the quest of acquiring, honing and using her artistic skills.

A devotion to the most traditional of Indian Art forms, the Bharatanatyam Dance, has been the thread of Guru Anuradha Jog’s quest of art & culture. It has also been her mission to keep the Indian Dance Culture alive. All her teachings through Antara Nritya Niketan are directed towards enriching and empowering students to follow suit.

Her journey in this area began with training from the age of five under Guru (Late) Smt. Sucheta Joshi in Pune. Completion of her Arangetram in 1970, coming out with flying colors in dance examinations (Visharad in Kathak & Bharatanatyam – from reputed institutions like the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth), acquiring a Research Scholarship (from MBK Trust, Chennai) and being charmed enough to acquire professional training of Bharatnatyam under eminent names in the field (Smt. Chitra Vishweshwaran, Dr. Vyjayantimala Bali), are but a few milestone events in Anuradhaji’s dance career.

Anuradha has been running a Bharatanatyam dance academy very successfully for almost 30 years and taking the true tradition ahead. I am proud to have her as my disciple.

Padmashree Dr.Vyjayantimala Bali

Noted Danseuse
The unique quality of learning Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Guru Smt. Anuradha is that every minute detail of gesture and movement has been analyzed, codified and preserved in such a manner that it has reached the highest form of perfection.

Students & Parents

Dance teachers like Anuradha are not easy to find.

Padmashri Alarmel Valli

Noted Danseuse
Students of Anuradha Jog are fortunate to have a teacher like her.

Padmashri Chitra Vishweshwaran

Noted Danseuse
Anuradha Jog is a very enthusiastic & creative artiste.

PadmaVibhushan Dr. M. Balamurlikrishna

Noted Vocalist
Anuradha is an aesthetically equipped Artiste.

Giovanna Leva

Ballet Danseuse
Anuradhatai Jog carries out a task of an engineer to build a constructive art lover society in Pune City.

Shri Anant Dixit

Chief Editor, Dainik Lokmat
We find a dancer & a academician in Smt. Anuradha Jog.

Dr. Daji Bhatawdekar

Noted Theatre Personality
An ideal Guru and a Taskmaster.

Jaydev & Rohini Hattangadi

Film and Theatre Personalities


Blessed are those who have found mentors and teachers on the path to knowledge and achievements! Guru Anuradha Jog is thankful to the countless inspirations that have ceaselessly blessed her!

  • Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna

    Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna

    This Doyen of Indian Classical Music, Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, has been a true friend, philosopher, guide and an eternal source of inspiration for Guru Anuradha.

  • Dr. Vyjayantimala Bali

    Dr. Vyjayantimala Bali

    Guru Anuradha Jog has been fortunate to learn dance under the personal attention & mentorship of Dr. Vyjaynatimala Bali and proudly carries forward the rich tradition of Pandanallur Style of dancing.